Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shop Safety - Which Safety Glasses are the Best?

I once asked a wise and experienced wood worker, "Which safety glasses are the best?".  His answer was simple - "The ones you wear."

If you've ever tried using an uncomfortable pair of safety glasses, then you completely understand the answer.  You got to a store, look at all the safety glasses in their blister packaging, and wonder two things - are they safe and how much do they cost.  You accept since they are protective eye wear, they may not be the most comfortable glasses you have ever worn.

But recently, I stumbled into my local Woodcraft store in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area and ran across a display for their safety glasses.  I have been looking for a good pair for some time now and willing to shell out $20-25 for a comfortable pair.  They had samples to try on, which was a welcome addition to the standard guesswork.

Fastcap Safety Glasses
What a difference in the feel of these glasses and other eye protection I have worn.  They not only are comfortable, the way they wrap around and contour my head give me an unobstructed view and good protection from flying debris.  And at $6 a pair, it was a price that wouldn't break the bank.

Online Woodcraft Fastcap Safety Glasses Page

On Sunday I had some modifications to my lumber storage to make, so I tried them out.  Comfortable and good protection, as I had expected.  Two thumbs up for safety, and a choice I can comfortably work with in the shop.

For those who are interested in additional options, Fastcap safety glasses at Woodcraft come in clear, dark, amber, mirrors, with bifocals, and as googles.


  1. Awesome glasses. I think its a perfect gift for my dad. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Aaron, I'm glad you found it useful. I always strive to post things I have a hard time finding myself.

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